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What data do you use?

We use only the verified from official institutions, market research companies, and other reliable sources vetted by us.

Each data source has to pass an extensive verification process before it is used in our analysis.

How accurate are your trends?

We only provide forecasts that bring significant improvements (30%-70% relative error reduction) in comparison to established baselines.

What security measures do you use?

We use the latest and highest security standards in cloud architecture and access policies.

All data we used is anonymized and doesn’t contain any reference to customers or otherwise.

What do you mean by explainable?

Explainability means understanding why trends may unfold in a certain way and what external market factors influence them. MIR provides context and transparency to help you understand these factors.

Can I confidently share my data with you?

Yes. Our AI does not require data, that is significantly more sensitive than what you would anyway share in your annual reports.

We handle data with care and apply the latest security and hosting standards.