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We are thrilled to announce that MIR Insight is joining Rockstart Emerging Tech!

At MIR Insight, we specialize in AI-driven, real-time, and real-world forecasting for the material industry, with a focus on enhancing profitability and promoting sustainable resource management.

Dr. Bjol R. Frenkenberger, our CEO, shared his excitement about joining the Rockstart community:

“We joined as we felt Rockstart genuinely understood the validity and radical potential of what we are doing and pursuing as a company. It was a positive experience from the beginning, and the reputation and track record of the accelerator sealed the deal for us.

We expect the program to challenge us and multiply our efforts. It should enable us to get the coaching and network we need as a growing early-stage company.”

Rockstart is an early stage accelerator-VC empowering purpose-driven founders in AgriFood, Energy and Emerging Technologies.

Bjol Frenkenberger

CEO | MirInsight